Who doesn’t crave some vacations in Greece? Our sea-view hotel in Chania gives you travel tips & advice for the ultimate holidays in Greece and on the island of Crete! Read now!

Weather in greece : Greek Climate Presentation

A lot of the tourists that are visiting our sea view studios in Chania through our reservations system are asking us about the weather in Greece, and what is the perfect time for vacations in Crete. In this blog, we will pinpoint the best time for summer vacations in Chania as well as in Greece in order to be prepared for your next holidays.

Greek Climate: Weather and temperatures suitable for everyone!

Every tourist that comes to Crete knows that our country has one of the best climates around. Mild winters and tame (while sometimes hot) summers make up the best place for vacations. Without a  doubt, whenever you decide to make your vacation in Chania, you will be satisfied, as the climate is Mediterranean with sunny days on 80% of the year. 

Agia Marina Beach to Platanias Beach - Hotel Despina Studios in Agia Marina

Agia Marina Beach to Platanias Beach – Hotel Despina Studios in Agia Marina

Summer temperatures in Greece: A Monthly Overview

You have to know that in April the climate is pleasant, with little rainfall and temperatures up to 23° while in May there is sunny but not insufferable weather. Temperatures are up to 25°. June and July are the hottest months of the Cretan summer and that’s why many tourists prefer to spend their holidays then. There is no chance of rainfall and the temperatures are quite high making those months ideal for swimming, hiking, and rest. You will face temperatures up to 23°-40°. 

August is also a very hot month without rainfalls and maybe the busiest month of the summer, possibly because also most Greeks prefer to spend their Vacation time then. The temperatures are ranging from 23°-38° with a possibility of pleasant winds (Meltemi) that are normal at that time of the year and are generated by the Cretan Sea during this particular month.

Thodorou Island- Agia Marina Beach

Thodorou Island- Agia Marina Beach

 September is also a sunny month with temperatures of 20°-28° and swimming is pleasant for that time of the year because the sea is warm. Even during October, the sea is warm and pleasing and there is a low possibility of rain. Whenever you decide to spend your holidays in Agia Marina you will face no problems with the weather,  however, you need to know that most of the Hotels and Apartments in the area are closed in winter months (November-March) due to increased rainfalls and low tourist interest that time of the year. Despina Studios can accommodate special occasions and large groups upon request.

Reliable Weather forecast in Greece

If you are coming to our country during the hot summers months of June-July and August weather in Greece should not be on your worry list. Almost every day you will experience the sun and a complete absence of rain or even clouds. This means that you may explore our beaches or other places of interest in Chania hassle-free. However, in the spring, autumn, or winter months while the weather should be tame and friendly as described it is advised that you take a look at the weather forecasts. An extensive, free and reliable weather forecast service has you covered at all times. 

Beaches in Crete- Greek Climate

Beaches in Crete- Greek Climate

Enjoy Greece with our hotel on the Beach!

With all that being said, hotels on the beach let you enjoy your holidays to the fullest while unlocking the true potential of the Greek summer season: Our hotel’s location gives you sea views, access to the beach, and the aura of the sea while living in one of the most preferable climates around. What are you waiting for? Grasp the opportunity and explore our summer climate, sea, and the wild beauty of Crete with us! Make your reservation now!


Cretan food- Island’s top traditional Specialities !

Without a doubt, the “gastronomy” factor is a big part for someone who is thinking of visiting Crete. Cretan food is part of the Mediterranean cuisine, and we could say that is the pinnacle of the Greek diet. Our hotel in Chania will pinpoint the top traditional food options you should try when on vacation in Crete.

Cretan dishes: A balanced nutrition option.

Crete is famous for its top-quality fruits and vegetables, being grown in many fields and farms in Chania alongside the countryside of Chania.  Cretan food is all about taking advantage of those healthy quality ingredients. Not only they will supply you with the essentials needed in order to enjoy your vacations or other activities in Crete but they will also maintain a healthy manner, without any excess fat or calories.

 Dakos: An all-time Classic.

Guests should try the famous Cretan “Dakos” and the traditional Greek salad with original traditional products of the Cretan land. Tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and many more combine a full healthy nutritional meal.  All of the above can be tasted in local traditional taverns during your night out, but one can also prepare them by someone who knows basic kitchen stuff. 

Dakos & Cretan Salad

Dakos & Cretan Salad

Bougatsa: A must-try on your vacation in Chania.

A very common Cretan delicacy is “Bougatsa Chanion”, a pie with traditional Cretan cheese called mizithra . This particular product can be found in only two special shops in the Chania center, and in very close distance from Agora (Market) square. Our hotel is only 20 minutes away from Chania center, and we definitely insist that you choose “Bougatsa Iordanis” or “ Bougatsa Chanion” shops, for a healthy and nutritional and Traditional breakfast on Crete.

Bougatsa of Chania

Bougatsa of Chania

Friendly locals will help you find those shops, and this tasting experience can be easily combined with a stroll around our town’s places of interest around the Venetian port– which is in close distance. 

Cretan food and meat: A big chapter in our diet.

Crete is an island with vast mountain ranges and vast livestock production. Needless to say that we tend to consume meat and by-products of meat (like milk and cheese) on a daily basis. Excellent taverns all over Crete are offering commendable foot choices and special delicacies for those who love meat.

Kokoretsi- Greek Cuisine- Traditional food

Kokoretsi- Greek Cuisine- Traditional food

Referring to those who seek something different we suggest that you taste the “antikristo” meat, which is meat but baked/cooked in a special way that gives it a very distinctive taste. 

Another nice alternative is tasting the famous Cretan “Staka” which is a local dish based on sheep’s milk and cannot be found elsewhere. It has a creamy texture and can be applied to bread and be eaten as a starter dish. 

Antikristo Meat- Traditional Cretan food delicacies

Antikristo Meat- Traditional Cretan food delicacies

Crete: Many vegan food options too!

We already referred to how famous Crete is when it comes to meat. However, our island is a place with flora- with hundreds of them being endemic- and our ancestors have successfully made recipes out of greens. 

cheese pie- Vacations in Chania Crete

cheese pie- Vacations in Chania Crete

Vegan tourists in Crete can enjoy numerous pies, as well as boiled greens which are extremely healthy and a famous choice even by non-vegan people.

Especially, during your summer vacations, there are many seasonal greens you have to try. “Vlita” is an excellent choice for boiled greens with a mild pleasant taste. Likewise, the famous Spinach pies can be also found everywhere, and other famous traditional Cretan food options are “Marathopita”, and “Boureki”, a special pie that you can only find on your vacation in Chania- as it is a local specialty.

Book your room with our hotel in Chania and let us indulge you in Cretan hospitality, Greek summer, and amazing Cretan food!