Renting a Car in Agia Marina: Tips & Remarks

Renting a car or bike is an excellent way to explore some of the island and its beauties, However, you should notice some parameters. Our hotel in Chania is by your side in order to have the best experience possible.

Renting a Car in Chania: Our Approach

Chania is a touristically advanced place, both in summer and in the winter . The competition is vast, so companies often make deals and discount packages, so you need good market research to always achieve better prices for the quality of the car and the days of the lease.

car & bike rental in Chania Crete - Despina Studios Hotel Agia Marina Chania

Those interested in the long-term lease can negotiate a free day or a better overall price. Big caution must be shown on the type of car you would choose so that will meet your needs and expectations before you select any vehicle it’s necessary to do a diligent check both externally and internally so as to make sure that there are no serious damages or technical problems.

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Vacation in Chania, Crete: Car- Bike or Bicycle

A common question that many of our clients are asking us is whether should they rent a car, a bike or a bicycle: This is completely up to you, as every option has its perks. If you want to travel long distances,  discover desolated beaches, or even reach some of the other prefectures of Crete, then renting a car is ideal for you.

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On the other hand, if you would like to take advantage of our sea view hotel location and travel fast and cheaply towards the town center, renting a bike is also a wise idea. Bikes can also get you to desolate beaches, and places of extreme beauty as they are agile and practical. Bonus tip: Bikes are best for the summer heatwave, as the Greek climate is a hot climate during the summer months.

For those who are athletic, renting a bicycle is a top idea: Our hotel offers plenty of paths, spots with natural beauty, and trails ideal for exploring nature and wilderness in Chania. There are many tourists that would like to exercise during their vacation in Crete, and a bicycle is an ideal choice that combines exercise, interaction with nature, and practicality.

Checking a rental Car: First things first

If you find any flaw or damage you should report it to the car rental company to possibly avoid future misunderstandings relating to specific damages that may have been there from a previous leaser. Also before you choose the vehicle you must drive and check that everything is working as it should and there is no risk of an accident.

rent a car in agia marina chania- Despina Studios Car rental

Furthermore, be sure about the presence of a road safety assistant in the vehicle that will help you in case of an accident and while hiring you should get the legal lease document you need to have in a police inspection. Also important is the amount of petrol in the tank which ought to be filled in the return of the vehicle while in any excursions you must comply to the road safety rules, not consume any alcohol and have a valid and compatible driving license which must adhere to the vehicle you drive.

Fuel prices in Greece

A good question we face at our hotel in Chania is about fuel prices. Generally speaking, Greece has expensive fuel prices, so it is a good idea to rent a diesel car rather than petrol. Diesel cars are more fuel-efficient, plus diesel prices in Greece are cheaper compared to petrol so you get double savings.

A thorough check on gas prices in Greece can be done, in order to make sure that you don’t overspend on gas. Every gas station in Greece is obliged to have a special mechanism in order to verify that you get the correct petrol/ diesel volume at the correct price.