Best shores in Chania: South Coast Swimming Options

We have previously talked about vacations in Crete, with our hotel being the center for your holidays in Chania. Our location is prominent, making it easy to spend your summer holidays on some of the best shores and beaches in Chania. The north coast is one of the most touristically advanced parts of our island, although many of our hotel guests are also visiting the south part of Crete. 

Why choose a beach on the South coast of Crete.

Having your vacations in Crete is one of the most fun, versatile and polymorphic experiences that you will come across. Amazing wildlife, vivid nightlife as well as untouched and preserved wilderness in addition to top beaches make Crete and Chania a top destination.

Although, many tourists are coming to Crete to find peacefulness and tranquility. The north coast is an excellent opportunity to admire pure Crete and off-the-beaten-path leisure moments. 

Best shores in Chania- Beaches in Crete- Souda Bay- Despina Studios

Best shores in Chania- Beaches in Crete- Souda Bay- Despina Studios

In addition to that, the amazing crystal clear waters, sandy beaches in combination with rocky beaches, the lack of tourist crowds, and the special microclimate of the south (which is near Africa) make the South coast a top priority for many travelers. Access to the Libyan sea, as well as to Gavdos island is another reason that South Crete is also a commendable place for swimming.

South Crete Beaches- Sfakia: Swimming in Heaven.

An excellent choice for those who have a car is Sfakia (Chora Sfakion )region: There is a peaceful small beach in the port of Sfakia that you can enjoy a rewarding bath. Although, a better option is to take direction and head to the road that leads you to Anopoli. Just 5 minutes after you depart from the port of Sfakia you can park by the roadside and head to “Glyka Nera” beach.

This beach is only accessible by boat, and on foot, after a small half-hour walk on the cliffs of south Crete. The path walk is well recognizable, and there are also signs just in case. Feel tired? We suggest that you insist, as the privacy and the beauty of this beach is well worth it.

North Crete Beach- Sougia Beach

Agia Roumeli shore: A desolate beach for privacy seekers!

If you desire some added privacy during your road trip to Crete,  then we recommend Agia Roumeli village. This remote fisherman’s village is accessible only by boat as it is located on the exit of Samaria Gorge on the edgy shore cliffs of the south coast of Crete. 

Being so remote and reachable only by boat, or by passing through the Samaria Gorge this village is perfect for relaxation and peacefulness. It is a great side quest for those going to the gorge, as you can enjoy a relaxing and rewarding swim afterward.

Moreover, if you don’t like hiking, access to the village is easy either by the ports of Sougia, Paleochora, or Sfakia as the boat tickets are inexpensive and the routes frequent

Agia Roumeli Beach

Agia Roumeli Beach and Village

Sougia Beach: A South Crete jewel.

Sougia is another small and peaceful village on the south coast of Chania. In this case, access to the village is possible by car and is a nice opportunity to head there after you visit some of the most picturesque villages of Chania mainland, such as Kandanos, Temenia, Palaia Roumata, and many more. 

Sougia beach has mostly pebbles and its untouched clear waters will give you an unforgettable swim over the South Coast. There are also many taverns and shops nearby on which you can enjoy authentic Cretan food and traditional meals.

Sougia Beach North Crete

Sougia Beach Chania

Paleochora Beach: An all-time classic beach shore in Chania.

Out of all the beaches, shores, and swimming opportunities we already discussed, the area of Paleochora seems to be the most vivid choice. Paleochora is an established tourist area in the South Crete region. Many shops, taverns, and hotels are there for your holidays. Its unique location, with two small gulfs (east and west), can guarantee you a pleasant swim – no matter the wind direction- and the crystal clear waters of the south shore will be remembered for years to come.

Enjoy South Crete with our hotel and our guided tours!

South Crete has endless beauties and untouched places that are best known to locals. We collaborate with experienced hikers and tour guides to offer customers having holidays in Chania with us the essence of pure and Authentic Crete. You can contact us for more information about tailor-made private excursions, as well as car rentals and driving tips for an ultimate journey.

Vacations in Crete- North Crete

Vacations in Crete- North Crete

Despina Studios sea-view hotel in Chania has a unique location, just 30m away from the sandy Agia Marina beach, and is also an excellent option for those who want to explore South Crete. Its proximity to the big interchange and the west parts of Crete makes it easy to transport yourselves from North to South in less than 90 minutes. We invite you to explore our island and reach the shores, beaches, and mountain regions described in this post. Check our online availability and enjoy Crete with us