Beaches in Chania: 3 Best free beaches to discover on vacation!

   Despina Studios beachfront hotel is situated in Agia Marina Chania. It is only 30 meters away from one of the best beaches in Chania,  the – awarded with Blue FlagAgia Marina beach. Most of our beloved guests of our hotel are always choosing the sea which is only a minute away from our hotel for their swimming and sunbathing session, on the sea or in our hotel’s pool. 

  However, people that are choosing vacation in Chania are usually not used to staying in the same place and on the same beach for the whole duration of their holidays. In this post from our travel blog for vacations in Greece we will disclose another 3 beaches that you can enjoy in a close distance from Despina Studios. There are also extremely clean, with plenty of sand for comfortable swimming and very close to infrastructure such as shops , restaurants and Taverns ideal for your vacations.

  Beaches in Chania on the North coast.

  In this blog we will specifically talk about beaches in Chania on the north Coast. Crete is an island full of wonderful beaches all over, so we will focus on the south coast beaches on another post

  If you are looking for beaches in Chania with huge infrastructure, tourist traffic and close to everything you will need, as well as the nightlife of Chania then the North coast is for you. On the other hand, the South Coast may be ideal for nature lovers, peacefulness seekers and people who like non touristy areas and off the beaten path adventures. Whatever you like to do, vacation in Chania has it all , and Despina Studios Sea view hotel in Chania is ready to facilitate your experience .

Souda Bay Area, Chania- Taken from Kalami beach

Souda Bay Area, Chania- Taken from Kalami beach

  Maleme beach in Chania: Vast and with historic background.

    Maleme beach is only 5 kilometers away from Agia Marina and our hotel . Maleme beach has sandy beach parts as well as rocky beach parts thus making it ideal for everyone and every taste. It has enormous length towards east and west which means that you will have no problems finding a quiet spot for your relaxation. Not only the beach has fantastic water but is one of the beaches in Chania that have a huge historic background as well.

At some point in Maleme beach you can  still see a German observatory which was used on the operations of the Battle of Crete in world war 2  . The observatory is right at the front of the beach and is in good condition, as it is preserved as a war relic. Ironically enough, there are many tourists that are finding nice shade on the sides of the observatory post which many years ago had a completely different usage.

Beaches in Chania - Maleme beach, Chania- German Bunker in Maleme Beach

Beaches in Chania – Maleme beach, Chania- German Bunker in Maleme Beach

  Chrisi Akti : A beaches in Chania Pinnacle!

  Right next to Chania town centre is the area of Agii Apostoli. There are plenty of parks and outdoor activities to do there, thus it is considered one of the best free beaches in Chania. It is fair to say that even locals are choosing this beach for their casual swim , as it is clean, sandy, with nice views over Cretan Sea and the gulfs of Agii Apostoli, and also having tourism infrastructure and also wheelchair accessible spots. 

Agii Apostoli Beach Chania

Agii Apostoli Beach Chania- Despina Studios Beachfront Hotel- Agia Marina Chania, Crete


  This is the reason why we suggest Chrisi Akti and the other Beaches in Agii Apostoli- Chania beach complex.  There are ideal beaches for people with disabilities and people with wheelchairs and special needs. There also lies  special equipment in order for people with wheelchairs to enter the sea and also there are lifeguards always on duty for security reasons. To sum up, Chrisi Akti is one of the beaches in Chania that is close to everything and suitable for all kinds of Vacations in Crete, whether this be a family vacation, a romantic couple vacation or a vacation of people with special needs in Chania.


Nea Chora Beach in Chania: Right in the town centre!

  If you are in the town centre strolling around the city and you are craving a rewarding swim then Nea Chora area is for you. Nea Chora literally translates into “ New Town” which means that as ages came by, the old town was expanded into bigger areas and “Nea Chora” is one of them. Nea Chora is only 7 kilometers away from Despina Studios, facing east and is a long sandy beach in between the areas of Chania town and Agii Apostoli Beach in Chania which we already talked about. 

Tampakaria Chania- Ταμπακαριά Χανιά

Tampakaria Chania- Combine a swim in Nea Chora Downtown Chania with a stroll in the picturesque neighbouring “Tampakaria Area”

  It is a beachfront beach with clear waters , sandy beach and right next to fish taverns that can treat you with fresh fish after your swim. It is in walking distance from Chania town center, so it is a nice alternative to combine your city center sightseeing or nightlife with a swim to the crystal clear waters of Nea Chora beach. 

  A hint from Despina Studios on Nudism.

  Our years of experience in the tourism industry have already shown that many of our guests that are coming for vacation in Crete are searching for beaches in Chania ideal for nudism. Although it may be OK for most people to be nude on every beach, the beaches that we disclosed in this topic are not ideal for nudism , as they welcome people of all tastes and interests.

  As you understand, nudism is a sensitive subject and we insist on being nude only on deserted beaches far away from tourist crowds. There are plenty of beach shores in the Paleochora area, Agia Roumeli Village or even Gavdos Island , which is an island that nudists and relaxation seekers always love. 

   You can contact us or stay with us in order to experience the best beaches in Crete, explore the Cretan countryside , enjoy Hiking  or simply enjoy the sea views from the balconies of our beachfront hotel in Chania. Whatever you like most, we always got you covered !