Beachfront hotel in Chania: How despina Studios started

   Many of our tourists are classifying us  on their reviews as a beachfront hotel in Chania. This is ultimately true as Despina Studios is situated in a prominent area in Agia Marina, just 8 klm away from Chania. Our hotel rooms  are just 30 meters away from the sandy beach of Agia Marina which is ideal for an ultimate summer vacation. In this welcoming blog post from our blog  we will introduce you to our beachfront hotel in Chania: How we started, who we are, what we believe in Greek Tourism and Cretan hospitality. 

The basics: How our Beachfront hotel in Chania started.

  Our beachfront hotel in Chania started in 2004 and is practically new, as I (Geoge, the owner) always renovate my  hotel, my equipment, and our studios in chania facilities every year. I listen very closely to the customer reviews  of my beloved customers and always strive to give them the best vacation in my beachfront hotel in Chania. 

  Prior to 2004 Despina Studios was only an idea in my father’s head. Thankfully we had the plot of land in the cosmopolitan and touristic area of Agia Marina which is a must for building a hotel in Agia Marina. Needless to say, apart from an excellent idea that is building a hotel in Agia Marina money was not existent. Careful and years long savings from my father, who worked as a Baker in a NATO Base nearby, was just enough to start with the foundations of the building which we did at the time that Olympic Games were hosted in Greece (2004) . 

Despina Studios Beachfront Hotel in Agia Marina - Reception Desk Area

Despina Studios Beachfront Hotel in Agia Marina – Reception Desk Area


  Despina Studios Beachfront Hotel in Agia Marina- Chania: How we proceeded.

  Although optimistic the money saved from my father was not adequate, and by the time we had builded the building’s skeleton the money ran out. Despite public belief at that time, we decided not to get into debt in order to build our beachfront hotel. Instead, we decided to start adding parts of the hotel every year-little by little- in order to make a proper business move and not get into debt that may not be easy to pay in the long run.

Despina Studios Hotel in Agia Marina Chania- Sea View Rooms (Room 205)

Despina Studios Hotel in Agia Marina Chania- Sea View Rooms (Room 205)

  Our hotel’s meantime. 

  In the first years everything was primitive. A small traditional TV set, beds and lights, and a humble bathroom were the only things that described our beachfront hotel in Chania. Although, because of our hotel’s excellent location we eventually worked successfully even in the first years. With the savings of every season and with my personal savings of my second side job as a truck driver- year after year- i managed to establish a beachfront hotel which is reputable, value for money, beachfront and with impeccable but personalized services to each one of my customers who show gratitude to me on my social media accounts and Instagram. 

 What we offer.

  On our beachfront hotel and studios in Chania cleanliness and value for money is of paramount importance. Proximity to the sea, sea view from our hotel and excellent service from me and my staff is what everyone sees when coming to Despina Studios. My hotel comprises 8 studios, Four studios with direct sea view that accomodate 2 adults and four studios which can accommodate up to 3 adults and provide side sea view and mountain views on the areas of Agia Marina and Platanias.  

Agia Marina - Chania Beach View Studio for 2 adults -Room 205

Agia Marina – Chania Beach View Studio for 2 adults -Room 205

Where we stand out. 

  From a very early stage I decided to offer my customers a level of service, attention to detail and a level of trust that made them feel like home, and that makes them keep coming back. This,  I believe, is the only way that one can still have a successful beachfront hotel in Crete and in general, as the competition and big companies push every small hotelier out of the game.

My happy friends (i don’t refer to my guests as customers) that keep coming back to my beachfront studios for more than a decade now, is what makes me proud and also gives me strength to keep going, upgrading my hotel  rooms  and services  and offering them always something ahead of the competition.

Agia Marina Beach sea View Studios- Despina Studios

Agia Marina Beach Sea View Studios- Despina Studios

What are the next steps?

  New era in hotels in Chania is demanding and I am always trying to offer services that my guests need. There is an increasing demand for villas in my territory, and my home village in Apokoronas region, called Paidochori  will soon be ready to establish our new project, Despina Villa which is perfect for those who also like mountain views,and off the beaten paths tourism experiences. We will talk about this endeavor soon.

How can I book my stay in Despina Studios in Chania?

  Normally, my beachfront hotel in Chania is ready to accept new bookings -even for next year-from very early. Updated prices and availability can be found on our hotel in Chania reservation  page  which is secure , reliable and is run and optimized by a reputable third party.

Despina Studios Sea View Studios in Chania- Agia Marina Beach

Despina Studios Sea View Studios in Chania- Agia Marina Beach

A hint from Despina Studios.

   As we are always upgrading our services  providing our guests a personalized travelling experience you can refer to us and ask us about our new private excursions and personalized transfers to remote beaches, and everywhere you love to visit on our beautiful island. Despina Studios is always hearing your needs and strives to offer you the best vacation in Crete there is!

We wish you a nice summer!