Museums in Chania Crete: Presenting Archaeological Museum of Chania

Museums, History, and Archaeology are amongst the priorities for guests that visit Chania for holidays. Greece’s rich history, artifacts, and myths charm tourists, and for a good reason! Museums in Chania are abundant, and besides other fun things to do in the area, a brand new addition has come this year, the new Archaeological Museum of Chania.

Archaeological Museum of Chania

Archaeological Museum of Chania – Pottery

Archaeological Museum of Chania: A Tribute to Cretan History

Situated in a brand new contemporary building in Halepa Region, near the town center of Chania and only 25 minutes away from our sea-view hotel is the new Archaeological Museum. Years of hard work, persistence, and pathos for history resulted in this masterpiece.

Artifacts from Minoan Era

Artifacts from Minoan Era

Its location is central, and it can easily be combined with a stroll or a night out in Chania. The ticket price is set at 6 Euros, and valuable information can be found in the Ministry of Culture portal.

What makes the new museum in Chania so unique?

The new Archaeological Museum of Chania hosts more than 3000 ancient artifacts and a lot of work has been done to keep expanding its collection in the following years.  Guests can see ancient artifacts from Neolithic Years, the Minoan Period (Minoan Civilization played a vital role in Crete), and up to the early Roman times.

Museums in Chania - New Archaeological Museum in Chania

Museums in Chania – New Archaeological Museum in Chania

Items of daily use, honorary items, deities of old eras, and statues immaculately preserved are located in the museum that will leave you in awe. A huge collection of coins, as well as remnants of living conditions in caves thousands of years ago, complement the prefixes of the museum in addition to jewelry, large pots, hunting equipment, and items of daily life.

All of the artifacts being displayed in the Archeological Museum of Chania have been found in the region of Chania and Crete (many of them just in Chania’s downtown and old port area) and in combination with other fantastic museums in Chania Center are a cultural treasure that you have to see!

Archaeological Museum of Chania: Useful Trivia

On your tour in the museum, whether this is part of an organized journey or a lonely walk around, you will get to see a fantastic small shop with artifact castings and other commemorative objects and books related to Crete and its history. As a bonus, there is a lovely cafeteria on the premises, where you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of Halepa, up until Chania old port. Fantastic views come as standard!

Museums in Crete - Archaeological Museum of Chania

Museums in Crete – Archaeological Museum of Chania

Furthermore, prime minister (as of 2022) Mr. Kiriakos Mitsotakis, being a native Cretan and born in Chania has also donated a big number of artifacts and archaeological remnants that are also being displayed on the museum’s 1st floor. All these combined make the archaeological museum of Chania a must-see experience and a worthwhile visit!

Free museums in Chania – Valuable Information

We always get asked by guests staying at our beach hotel in Chania if there are museums that are free in the region of Chania and Crete. Although most museums have an entrance fee (of nominal values), there are some dates that you can enjoy museums and archaeological sites in Chania for free! These are:

  • 6 March (in memory of Greek Actor Melina Mercouri)
  • 18 April (International Monuments Day)
  • 18 May (International Museums Day)
  • The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)
  • 28 October (National Holiday for Greece / Most shops- services are closed)
  • Every first Sunday from November 1st to March 31st
Artifacts in the Archaeological Museum of Chania

Artifacts in the Archaeological Museum of Chania

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