Museums in Chania and best places of interest for your vacation

For those who desire to wander around Chania town center on foot, our town offers some unique experiences at a very close distance. There are many museums in Chania area and other places of historical and folklore interest ready to assure you an unforgettable journey with Despina Studios being your starting point.

Museums in Chania: First things first. 

Assuming you decide to walk to the old Venetian port, there is a big, bulky burgundy-colored building. That is the Chania naval museum and for big measure· facing the lighthouse, it is the building on its left. At a nominal cost, you can visit the naval museum and adore some maritime thesaurus from Greek maritime history and tradition and learn about the types of boats and equipment from many centuries ago.

Naval Museum and Egyptian Lighthouse on the Venetian Harbor in Chania, Crete.

Naval Museum, Firkas Castle, and Egyptian Lighthouse on the Venetian Harbor in Chania, Crete.

Walking just outside the naval museum in Chania old Venetian port, you will have the chance to step on Firkas Castle which also has a historic value, as it was the castle on which the Greek flag was lifted on 1 December 1913, celebrating the long-suffering desire to connect with the Greek nation as a whole. 

After finishing your tour of the museum and Firkas Castle we truly suggest that you walk to the other side of the old Venetian port facing east. There you can find a row of some old long and narrow buildings called Neoria in which we used to repair and refurbish ships and boats the previous centuries. By approaching the end of the old Venetian harbor (opposed side of the naval museum) you will find 3 conjoint Neoria, one of them is fully renovated and operates as a cafeteria. Right next to it there is a fully renovated replica of the famous ancient Greek ship called Trihrhs or Trireme.

Neoria- Chania old Harbor

Neoria- Chania old Harbor- Despina Studios Agia Marina Chania

This specific ship took part in the transfer of the Olympic Flame from Crete to Athens mainland during the Olympic games of 2004, so it also has a historic value. You can also admire many more exhibits in the area, as it operates as a maritime and traditional shipbuilding museum. 

Vacation in Chania: Visiting Picturesque districts and museums in Chania. 

You can also extend your walk on foot or by taking a short ride on a taxi or bus to Chalepa Area, a picturesque and historically upper-class neighborhood 3 kilometers from the old Venetian port. The new Archeological Museum of Chania has opened its doors in 2022 in the area of Halepa too,  and is also a must-see!

Tampakaria Chania- Ταμπακαριά Χανιά

Tampakaria Chania- Chalepa Region – Ταμπακαριά Χανιά

Most of the embassies and many houses of politicians were in this area in the past century, and now the area is full of hotels, shops, and taverns. What matters is that you can also explore the house of one of the most prominent Greek politicians named Eleftherios Venizelos 

This politician was so famous throughout Greek Contemporary history that he doubled Greece in size after the Balkan wars and World War One. Needless to say that our initial central airport in our capital, Athens is named after him. 

Eleftherios Venizelos and Venizelos Graves: A sightseeing in Chania opportunity.

His house is in a very central part of Chalepa and now operates as a museum, having many historical documents and personal items of the person who was accountable for the unification of Crete with Greece. Highlights of your visit will be the admiration of the original blood-stained jacket he wore in the assassination attempt which happened in Paris in 1920, and also the original car with intact bullet holes up to this date of the second assassination attempt against him,  which happened in 1933 in Athens.

Venizelos Graves-Panoramic View of the city of Chania

Venizelos Graves-Panoramic View of the city of Chania- Museums in Chania are in close vicinity. 

Eleftherios Venizelos died in 1936 and is Buried 4 kilometers away from his Chalepa house on top of Profitis Ilias hill, in a place well known as Venizelos Tombs, which is another sightseeing opportunity in Chania as there lies also his son, Sofoklis Venizelos, a well-known politician of the onward era.

We suggest that you hire a taxi or take a bus for the short ascending ride, as the panoramic view of Chania is breathtaking and also you can stop for a small snack with an impeccable view in the various local cafeterias which are at a close distance from the tomb site. 

Guided tours of Chania area, of our island’s military and contemporary history, are being organized by a certified historian (BA In contemporary History) and you can extend your knowledge about our island and its history by reserving one of the journeys that we offer through our beachfront hotel in Chania.