Sightseeing in Chania: Presenting you the lake of Agia

   There are many sightseeing options in Chania for people who are locals and for tourists who love to have vacation in Chania. Centuries of history, folklore tradition, natural beauty, gorges  , mountains and unknown beaches  ideal for the perfect summer vacation in Greece and in Chania. 

  The majority of tourists that are coming for Vacation are staying in beach shore properties like our beachfront hotel and  sightseeing in Chania is something that many people are looking forward to doing on their vacation. In this blog from our tourist blog series about vacation in Chania we will present to you one of only two lakes that we have in our vicinity. Distance from our hotel is only a few kilometers, which means that you can enjoy sightseeing in Chania in minimum time, as well as combine sightseeing with other activities while on vacation in Chania area.

  Lake of Agia: A perfect sightseeing in Chania opportunity!

   Lake of Agia is situated in the suburbs of  Chania town, just 10 kilometers away from town center. In our prefecture we only have two lakes, the Lake of Agia, and the lake of Kournas , which is situated in Georgioupoli, near the border with the prefecture of Rethimnon

Agias Lake in Chania

Agias Lake in Chania- Sightseeing in Chania region- Despina Studios Agia Marina

  Contrary to the lake of Kournas, which is a natural sweet water lake in the vicinity of Chania, the lake of Agia or the lake of Agyia (both names are correct) is an artificial lake. It is situated in the village of Agia, hence its name. This lake was built in this area due to the fact that it is rich in underwater currents and also this area is ideal for cultivations. Large citrus trees and avocado fields are everywhere in the area. 

  Many picturesque and -off tourist – villages are found nearby which are also a nice “sightseeing in Chania “ opportunity, especially if you are driving by car. To name a few villages in the vicinity, those are : Alikianos, Fournes, Skines, Kyrtomado, Skordalou, Omalos Plateau, Meskla and Therisso , all reachable by car in about half an hour.

Lake in Chania- the Lake of Agia

Lakes in Chania- the Lake of Agia

Lake of Agia : How and Why it started.

  The artificial lake of Agia was constructed by the electricity company of Greece in the early 20th century when it converted a large water swamp into the lake we know of today. The electricity company of Greece established this lake in order to give a steady and fierce water stream for its neighbouring water powered electricity factory. Water from the lake gave power to the water turbines that then gave motion to electricity generators in order to produce power for the -then- small city of Chania.

As years went by and the population, as the electricity consumption increased, there were some bigger fuel generated power stations in Crete and then the Lake of Agia and its power plant were no longer needed. 

Lake of Agia from a nearby cafeteria with an overlooking view on the lake in Chania

Lake of Agia from a nearby cafeteria with an overlooking view on the lake in Chania

 However, we can still see the old water powered electricity factory just 200 meters away from the lake , facing west , as well as the large water tunnels forcing water into this direction.

Lake of Agia: A Nowadays Approach.

 Nowadays the lake of Agia is a picturesque and natural bio habitat that is a perfect place for sightseeing in Chania. It is a resting place for many immigrating birds as it is now a stop over for them in order to find shelter and rest for their long journey into warmer climates when autumn approaches. 

sightseeing in Chania - Ducks and Geese in the lake of Agia

Sightseeing in Chania – Ducks and Geese in the lake of Agia

  It is also a Natura 2000 area, which means that is heavily protected environmental area where hunting and fishing is not allowed in order to preserve the natural habitat. 

  Lake of Agia is a top choice for those who like to go sightseeing in Chania as a free activity, but also for nature lovers and bird watchers, as lake of agia has a big amount of wild birds that are migrating and this lake is a temporary shelter to them. There are several observatory posts in the lake, so we strongly insist on taking your time and enjoy the bird watching on your vacation in Chania.

   Lake of Agia : What to do there.

  There is a nice walkway and a big area where you can admire the dimensions of the lake, as well as a big metal bridge in order to see the estuary of the lake that leads to the power station (now a museum) that we already talked about. Plenty of photo opportunities, bird watching and nature admiration activities for holidaymakers in Chania.

   If  you continue your way after the bridge which is on the lake of Agia you can now reach a path that circumnavigated the whole perimeter of the lake which will take you about an hour of relaxed walking and sightseeing in order to finish it. A lovely romantic stroll and sightseeing / birdwatching opportunity lies in this path and is relatively unknown to many tourists and even locals. This procedure might seem tedious but it is relaxing and rewarding instead. 

  A hint from Despina Studios Beachfront Hotel in Agia Marina

  We believe that you should at least pass 3-4 hours in the lake of Agia when on vacation in Chania. You can observe wildlife in their natural habitat, make a nice romantic sightseeing walk around the lake and last but not least – enjoy a nice meal overlooking the lake! 

  There are only two small cafeterias in the area with impeccable views towards the lake, and we insist that after your sightseeing in the lake you should rest for a bit there and enjoy a nice dessert, a healthy snack or a small meal. The view will be totally worth it, and we at Despina Studios categorize this activity as one of the best free things to do in Chania while on Vacation in our beautiful place!  Our exclusive Special Offers will make you crave for a vacation in Crete now!