Despina Studios in Chania and Avocado- Our ‘Despina Estate’ Story !

  Our beachfront hotel in Chania is perfect for summer vacations. Our rooms  are equipped with everything you need for a commendable vacation. We already talked about our sea view hotel’s in Chania story  and in this blog we will also talk about our studios in Chania extra endeavor, the “Despina Estate”. 

  Despina Studios In Chania: Presenting you our farm.

  Our studios in Chania are already established for nearly 2 decades in the tourism industry in Chania. However we always strive to give our respected guests a more holistic approach, so we created our Despina Studios farm, called “Despina Estate”. 

Avocado in Crete- Avocado Production in Crete Greece- Despina Studios Hotel in Agia Marina Fruit Farm

Avocado in Crete- Avocado Production in Crete Greece- Despina Studios Hotel in Agia Marina Fruit Farm

  We started our Studios in Chania  back in the early 2000’s . At that time our grandfather was alive and had this large 1 acre land in Agia area which at that time was a cultivation full of orange trees.

    However, despite our studios in Chania  which were prominently successful from the early days, this piece of land was not. Oranges were not popular amongst buyers at that time, so our production was worth little money, thus making it financially unprofitable for the most part. Basically we kept this piece of land for family purposes and in order to have a source of Bio and fresh oranges for us and for our clients in our beachfront hotel and studios in Chania. Otherwise, we would have spent more money cultivating, irrigating, fertilising and collecting those oranges than the profit itself.

  The hard truth.

  Our studios in Chania remained successful for more than a decade, up until 2020 when covid situation. We also remained active in this period but due to government restrictions we were forced to start the season late- as of everyone. Then an idea came to mind- and having a lot of time because of the situation- we grasped on the opportunity, to revive our land and create our “Despina Estate”

 The beginning of our Studios in Chania estate manor.

  We decided that we had to remove all the very old and very big orange trees that belonged to our grandfather. It was altogether the end of their life cycle- which was of more than a century. Big excavator came into the field and removed all the old trees. 

Starting of a new era Despina Estate Avocado farm in Crete

Starting of a new era Despina Estate Avocado farm in Crete


  Then we had to properly plow the land and install new irrigation lines for the new cultivation. Lots of hours, heavy machinery and sweat from our part was put into this effort in order to revive our field.

Despina Studios -Despina Estate- Avocado farm in Greece

Despina Studios -Despina Estate- Avocado farm in Greece


  What do we cultivate into our studios in Chania fruit field?

   We decided to make a combination of cultivations. Being sentimental with the orange trees we destroyed, we decided to establish citrus species again  . We decided to cultivate Red Grape Fruits which are pretty healthy, have anti carcenic properties , make a good weight loss option and are equally as rich in Vitamin c as their cousin, the regular orange.

George - Despina Studios Director planting Avocados in Crete

George – Despina Studios in Chania, Director planting Avocados in Crete

  Not only that, but we decided that a nice alternative and a fruit that guests in our studios in Chania absolutely love is Avocado. Avocado in Crete is a relatively new thing, but many studies have shown that it is a healthy -rich in nutrients fruit that absolutely thrives on Cretan Climate. 

  Fruit production on our Estate.

We combined Red Grapefruits and Avocado varieties in our estate which is more than an acre in size. More than 150 new fruit trees are now ready to produce fruit crops for years to come, and especially avocado trees that as you can see have already started producing their first crops. 

  On our studios in Chania   you will luckily (depending on our harvest) find a fruit basket full of our “Despina Estate” produce and also some hand soaps handmade with avocado from our fields.The avocado varieties that we cultivate in Despina Estate are: Hass, Lamb Hass, Fuerte and Reed, the majority of those being Summer varieties ideal for consumption during your summer vacation in Crete!


  A tip from our studios in Chania!

  Depending on our work schedule, it is possible to go for a small free excursion on Despina Estate in order to see our bio fruit farm, adore our commitment into producing healthy crops and enjoy a small barbeque or a glass of beer in a quiet place next to pine trees and our lovely river, originating from the Lake of Agia

  This place is sure to amaze you and make your vacations in Greece even more relaxing and spectacular. You will also learn our flora and fauna more extensively, and you will understand the scale of our island even better. Lastly, you will get to see how local people leave and what is their daily routine. Bonding with our local culture will broaden your horizons during your beach vacations in Crete! Reserve a room in our studios in Chania now, and also try our products and fruits fresh from our Despina Estate! 

Like every summer, we wait for you in our beachfront hotel in Chania .