Summer holidays in Crete: 3 common mistakes to avoid!

Your summer holidays on the island of Crete are for many a dream come true. Awarded beaches, untouched gorges, traditional Greek food, and Cretan hospitality are only a few of the things that can indulge travellers to our island. Is it your first time here? Despina Studios hotel in Chania will give you answers to the 3 most common mistakes that people make while on vacation in Greece!

Weather in Crete: Hot – Sometimes more than you might think!

During the summer months on the island, there are often very high temperatures and for several population groups, this can be a problem and may lead to undesirable side effects. Usually in Crete, the hottest months are between June and August when temperatures often exceed 40 degrees. Humidity is also a very crucial factor, as it makes the discomfort even more apparent. 

We suggest avoiding sunbathing during the hottest hours of the day on your vacation in Crete. These are from 11 a.m to 5 p.m while the sun rays are more harmful to the skin. We have found out that visitors with pale skin who stay in our hotel in Chania often get sunburns on hot days, so we advise you to take this piece of advice religiously.

beach in Chania

Beach in Chania- Hotel Despina Studios

 A useful tip is to always wear hats to protect you from the sun while it is equally necessary to wear sunglasses that provide protection to the eyes. Vulnerable people should also be provided with sunscreen that will have a high SPF number and apply it thoroughly every hour. A nice piece of advice is always to choose places with shade or air conditioning during your relaxing moments while of paramount importance is avoiding dehydration by always keeping with you an adequate amount of water.

 The most common consequence of heat is sunstroke which can easily be prevented with the above tips, and also families should be provided with a small pharmacy kit that should be full of antihistamines and cortisone solutions for every eventuality (allergies-bites etc). At all costs, holidaymakers should consult the weather forecast to be properly prepared for the weather.

Summer season in Greece- Don’t listen to the media

A common misconception that many tourists have is that Crete and Greece in general only have tourism during the summer months. However, this is only half the truth. Although the busiest season to travel in Crete is during June- July, and August, there are plenty of holiday possibilities also in AprilMay, and September – October.

The climate during April-May is tamer as those are the times of the Spring season. Flower blossoms, nice weather, and fewer crowds make it a perfect side option for many. 

Chania harbor - Venetian harbour of Chania

Chania harbour – Venetian harbour of Chania

September and October is the gradual Autumn season for the island of Crete. The temperatures are also tame (maximum 28-30C) and you can still enjoy swimming in Crete as well as do some outdoor activities that require physical strength like hiking in unknown paths.

Those months are considered low season. However,  everything is still open for the summer season, and our hotel believes that there is the perfect option for the average tourist who wants to have a vacation in Greece: There will be fewer crowds, you will get better food (and better service), and more importantly better prices and special offers on hotels and car rentals!

Exploring Crete: Don’t Skimp on guided tours and excursions.

There are many tourists who stay in our sea-view hotel in Chania that rent a car from our reception desk and explore Crete (and its beauties!) alone. However, we have found out that many travellers don’t fully realize or comprehend places and historic sites on their own.

Chania lighthouse- Old venetian lighthouse in Chania port

Chania lighthouse- Old Venetian lighthouse in Chania port

Instead, we recommend that you take at least one guided tour/ excursion with a professional guide in order to genuinely feel our culture, civilization, and the hidden places that otherwise you would have surely missed. 

There are many places that need professional knowledge in order to discover them, such as many peaks and places in the White Mountains, the biggest mountain range of Crete. Guided tours will make you feel safe, you will get to explore more -and even unknown places for you, and you will get to unravel real Crete which will give added value to your vacations!

Despina Studios Hotel in Chania: Add value to your holidays in Crete!

Despina Studios can give value to your holidays in Crete! With our central location in Chania, our sea view rooms,  and carefully selected excursion partners we can offer you unforgettable holidays of what we truly represent: Greek Hospitality!  

Chania Sightseeing

Chania Sightseeing – Sea view hotel Despina Studios: Agia Marina- Chania