Holidays in Chania – April Overview

Holidays in Chania in April signify the start of the summer season: It’s already spring, and the summer is gradually approaching. All businesses and hotels are open, and ready to offer you beach holidays in Chania!

April has a unique climate, which for us on our sea view hotel in Chania is the best season to explore Crete, either by car , hiking on foot or exploring Crete with a travel agency!

April also signifies the start of summer holidays in Chania, as beaches – beach bars and awarded blue flagged beaches are now ready for you to explore. Most improtantly, Samaria Gorge is now fully open and ready to welcome guests on the 16km long hike across the White Mountains, which IS A MUST!

Kalyves Beach Chania - Vacation in Chania
Chania Old Harbour

April has a lot to offer for everyone who loves to have holidays in Crete: From desolated beaches to natural beauties and excellent food, Crete is a holiday paradise for many!

Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete in April is sunny and friendly. The Spring season is on, and gradually, the days start to resemble Greek Summer: Sun, hot days and no rain (or even clouds!) is what you will face by having vacations in Chania, Crete in April!

Temperatures can reach up to 30°C which means a care free summer experience to many!

Tourist Traffic

Tourist Traffic starts to rise on April, and that is a good thing! Most airlines have already started their holiday programms on April, and it is pretty easy to come to Crete for holidays!

Moreover, all tourist businesses are open, assuring you a pleasant holiday with proper service.

Chania Vacations: Ideal For

Vacations in Chania, Crete, and Greece in April are ideal for those who love to wander around our island, do outdoor activities (like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.) and adore a good swim at the beach without the scorching hot temperatures of July and August. There are also ideal for those who love to stroll the picturesque alleys of Chania old town with no stress and over populated areas due to the peak season.

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Why make Holidays in Crete then?

Because you have the opportunity to see what spring is like in Greece, and you want to explore the beauties of Crete  without much traffic. Outdoor activities are a must, while all businesses, shops and museums are open, guaranteeing you a pleasant vacation in Chania!

Uknown Trivia

April in Chania is known for the start of Summer and the official tourist season. It is also known that in April (dates may vary according to weather conditions) it it the official opening of Samaria Gorge, which is a dream goal for many.

Greeks also have a tradition to tell lies (not harmful though) on the 1st of April, which means that if you have holidays in Greece on April, you need to be extra careful on the 1st of May, which is the “April Fools Day“. Tourists beware!


Prices are low for holidays in Chania in April! The vacancy on Hotels in Chania and Airlines makes them to provide tourists with special offers  which makes your holidays a good bargain!

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