Holidays in Chania – September Overview

Holidays in Chania in September exploring Crete are a perfect time for tourist traffic, excellent weather and good food are one of the many things that you will find on your vacation in Chania!

September is one of the busiest summer months in Greece- and for a good reason! After the busiest months of July and August, September is equally as perfect for a summer vacation in Greece! 

Nice weather and a well-organized tourist infrastructure can assure you a perfect time for holidays, not only with the quality you deserve but also without the fuss of the busy summer months of July and August!

elafonissi beach - vacation in Chania on September - Despina Studios Hotel in Chania
elafonissi beach - holidays in Chania in September

September is a busy tourist month full of things to do in Chania and with many entertainment options, both in the town centre and in the villages of Crete.

Our island’s awarded beaches and gorges, as well as the beautiful and picturesque villages and agricultural fields, can make your vacation in Chania a worthwhile experience!

Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete in September is tame. Temperatures can get up to 30°C and the occasional slight cool breeze makes the atmosphere very pleasant.

This means that it is very welcoming to enjoy swimming on the beach right beside our sea view hotel without the scorching hot sun, and more importantly, wandering around our island without the uncomfortable heatwave of the hottest summer months. We could say that September, Climate – wise is the best time of the year for holidays in Crete!

Tourist Traffic

Tourist traffic in Chania during September is very visible, as September is a very busy month for the holidays. Strolling our old town’s busy streets, and enjoying the multiple museums that our town has to offer can elevate your holiday experience!

Chania Vacations: Ideal For

Vacations in Chania, Crete, and Greece in September are ideal for those who love to spend their summer holidays in Crete but want to avoid the big tourist traffic of the busiest summer months.

Finding good deals on everything (including excursions and transfers too) is possible, and the climate is tame and welcoming for each age group.

Sunbathing and swimming in Chania in September is ultimately possible, as there is plenty of Sun, the waters are warm and the beaches will be less congested making your beach holidays a lovely experience!

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Why make Holidays in Crete then?

Because you will ultimately enjoy the beach, the perfect climate and the summer atmosphere of September in Chania. Occasional deals and offers  can be found during September Holidays.

Moreover, learning the customs and local culture is also possible, as less traffic means more opportunities to discover real Crete.

We suggest exploring the villages of Chania mainland, either with a rental car or with an organised tour and feel what real daily life is like on our island!

Uknown Trivia

September is the time that most Cretans are in the vineyards collecting their grapes. This means that is a class A opportunity to see the grape picking and see how the famous Cretan Wine is being produced.

Tours of the vineyards can be organised this time of the year, and except from tasting local wine, you can understand and comprehend how Raki, Wine, and Rakomelo (a special spirit of Crete) is being produced at home and in smaller quantities.

You may ask our hotel’s reception desk for more info in order to see and feel the real culture and daily routine of the Cretan Farmer life.


Prices for holidays in September can be of fair value. If you pre-book your hotel room, you may get special offers that’ll make your vacation in Crete a great deal.

Furthermore, restaurants and shops occasionally offer “happy- hours” that have lower traffic and you may want to take advantage of those hours for a better bargain on food or shopping!

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