Holidays in Chania – May Overview

Holidays in Chania in May are closely connected to summer! Spring gradually comes to an end, and tourists are already selecting Chania for their summer vacations: Beaches are full, loads and loads of excursions  and activities are ready to indulge you into a summer like no other!

May in Chania is perfect for a summer/ beach vacation in Greece! All beaches are organized, and there are desolate beaches too, which makes swimming a breeze!

Hungry for adventure? Due to its tame climate, May is ideal for outdoor activities, and this is why many of our guests in our beachfront hotel in Chania  love to Rent Cars  and explore Crete on their own!

Falassarna Beach Chania Crete
Argiroupoli Rethymno - Springs of Argiroupoli in Rethimno

May resembles Greek Summer Holidays! With the best beaches to explore in Chania, our hospitable people, top services and climate like no other, holidays in May need to be a top priority for holidaymakers as it combines everything one needs for a carefree summer destination!

Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete in May is sunny! May offers you complete sunshine and despite being hot, the sun is not dangerous (even during midday) which is perfect for holidays at the beach! Temperatures range from 25°C up to 30°C and the mild humidity makes it ideal for outdoor activities too!

Tourist Traffic

Tourist Traffic is very visible on May, as it is a perfect time for vacation, excursions and exploration in Crete: Awarded beaches, exceptional food and countless holiday options make holidays in May a tourist must!

However, there is no congestion as the most typical months for tourist vacations (even for Greeks) are July and August. This means that you can explore Crete at its best, without the stress and fuss of the busiest tourist months for Crete!

Chania Vacations: Ideal For

Vacations in Chania, Crete, and Greece in May are ideal for those who love summer and sea. May offers you the best time to be at the sea, as it is a sunny and hot month, without being to overcrowded.

Also people seeking excursions, guided tours and exploration will absolutely love holidays in May as the climate is ideal for outdoor activities and you can also find good deals on cars and boats to enhance your experience!

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Why make Holidays in Crete then?

Because you will explore many beaches of our island at their finest, and you will get to admire the natural beauties of our island without the tourist traffic of July and August.

Moreover, taverns, restaurants and bars can offer you the best food and best service, as tourist season is still early and there will be no fuss and stress from their side to. Sun, sea and good foog – what not to like?

Uknown Trivia

May is a summer month, but works on fields is present too! You can admire, or even participate in outdoor activities like avocado or orange picking  and feel like a local, which enhances your holiday experience.

On May 1st, Greeks tend to go to excursions  and road trips in Chania in order to pick/ collect flowers and blossoms to make a flower wreath. This wreath is usually presented on our front doors to signify the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. We invite you to make your own flower wreath while on holidays too! All you need is a piece of rope/ wire and flower, lots of flowers and blossoms!


Prices for holidays in May can be a bargain! Despite there is a lot of tourist traffic, occasional offers   can make your vacation a true deal, so look out for offers and discounts both on hotels and airlines!

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