Holidays in Chania – August Overview

Holidays in Chania in August are the pinnacle of Greek summer! Loads and loads of tourists are coming in Chania to enjoy their holidays and the atmosphere of August in Crete!

Not only is August a top choice for tourists, but for Greeks too! Greeks tend to spend their vacation in August, visiting the Greek islands and Crete, where our sea view hotel is located!

August in Chania is the perfect time for holidays. Not only in the city centre, but in the villages too, this month is ideal for the summer holidays in Greece! 

Numerous fests, countless entertainment and nightlife choices as well as the obvious swimming and adventure choices make August the best time of the year for holidays for many!

Greek summer in August - Sunset in Greece
Greek ouzo- Holidays in Chania Crete in August

August is a perfect time for a typical Greek Summer Holiday. Furthermore, Greece pays a lot of respect for this month, and due to a specific event, Greeks tend to have holidays and relaxation almost solely during this time of the year.

That is on the 15 of August, which according to Greek Orthodox Tradition signifies the death of the Virgin Mary. As an orthodox nation, we pay close attention to divine events, and this day is considered the “easter” of summer.

Many divine liturgies are being done during this day, and we heavily insist on spending this day on one- This is altogether a perfect time to bond with Greeks and feel like local too!

Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete in August is hot and extremely sunny! Usually, August is one of the hottest months of the year in Crete, and  Temperatures can easily get up to 35-38° which makes swimming and resting in the beach chairs a must!

However, August has a lovely peculiarity. Despite being a very hot month, there are some occasional wind gusts on many days throughout the month (called “Meltemia” in Greek) which drop the temperature by little, making the day cooler with a slight cool breeze. These “meltemia” are the highlight of this month, and locals are always looking forward for them!

Tourist Traffic

Tourist Traffic in August is at its peak!

You have to expect everything to be busy in August, not only in Crete but on all the islands of Greece, except the capital of our Country, Athens. Everyone in Greece is having their summer holidays in August, and especially people from Athens (this is why the capital feels empty then).

Adding the big traffic from tourists from overseas this month, it makes August the busiest time of the year! Prebooking your hotel is a must, and have in mind that you may need to pre-book or confirm your restaurant reservations and other activities in advance to avoid any problems!

Chania Vacations: Ideal For

Vacations in Chania, Crete, and Greece in August are ideal for those who want to be part of the fun and enjoy Crete at its best.  Bonding with the locals is very possible during August as Greeks travel by aeroplanes, ferries and by buses or cars a lot!

Being part of the fun and enjoying beaches, swimming and dining in busy spots are certain during August and the dynamism of this month, in addition to all the things that you can do in Chania attest to August being one of the most favourite months of the year for tourists!

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Why make Holidays in Crete then?

Because you will ultimately enjoy the beach, the busy and full of life and vividness parts of our island, and by participating in fests and holy liturgies that happen on the 15th of August, you will get the chance to feel like a local and take part on our customs and our traditions!

Moreover, all the other things that signify a summer holiday come as standard. Endless swimming, countless excursions and sightseeing options are always there for you!

Uknown Trivia

August is a busy month with a religious resemblance too: This means that you may need to experience this side of Greece as well. Search for the local church to attend the divine liturgies during August, and especially those close to the 15th of August in order to feel the alternative side of Tourism in Crete.

Moreover, on nearly every small -or bigger- village on Crete’s mainland, there are numerous fests with traditional Cretan food and Traditional Cretan Music. Those are being done by the villages in order to collect money for the village. Those fests are done during the afternoon hours and it’s a class A opportunity to bond with locals and explore Cretan Music, Cretan Dances and obviously Cretan Food.

Attending the village fests in August is a Must, and you will get information by asking locals, the reception of our family hotel or by seeing advertisements on the roads!


Prices for holidays in August may seem high at first, but you will definitely get rewarded by the atmosphere, the cosy climate and the festive character this month has to offer tourists- both greeks and foreigners.

Don’t forget to pre-book the activities you want to participate in order not to miss any of the fun!

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