Nightlife in Chania: Chania by Night Vacation Options

For many, nightlife in Chania is alone one of the reasons to visit Crete. Many shops, picturesque alleys, excellent food, and a sunset like no other are only a few of the things that stand out. 

Despina Studios is situated in Chania with lots of nightlife options. Agia Marina, where our studios in Chania are located, is close to Chania town center, only 20 minutes drive from our beachfront hotel. Although Agia Marina and the neighboring area of Platanias are offering many entertainment options for adults, couples, and small families, many of our guests are optioning for going into Chania town for their entertainment. In this guide, we will point out the best areas of town for the best experience.

Agora square chania- Chania Market Square by night

Agora square Chania- Chania Market Square by night- Despina Studios Agia Marina Chania

Nightlife in Chania: The basics.

When we refer to going out in Chania town center, and especially for people coming to our town during the summer for their vacations, the old Venetian Harbour is a top choice. Many beachfront cafeterias, restaurants, and fish taverns are offering you a nice view of the Venetian harbor in Chania and the Aegyptian lighthouse.  

Chania Lighthouse- Egyptian Lighthouse in Chania

Chania Lighthouse- Egyptian Lighthouse in Chania

We can certainly recommend that you enjoy a refreshing orange juice or a quick coffee and then head for the long way up to the Venetian lighthouse which is approachable on foot. For a meal, we recommend that you avoid the harbor-front shops as they are usually overpriced and the food is not so good due to the attractiveness of the place. 

On the contrary, we suggest that you get lost in our small passages and small alleys of our old town in Chania, where you can find peacefulness, tranquility, better services, a nice and cozy environment, and local people. Watch out for “Splantzia Square” and its neighboring alleys for the perfect experience.

When should you experience the best night out in Chania?

When going for your night out in Chania, especially in the summer, every day will be a perfect opportunity for entertainment because of the popularity of our destination. Although, if you like to bond more with locals you should choose the days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Those are the days that locals specifically go out to have fun and this is because many businesses in Greece don’t work on the weekends, so this is a Class A opportunity for us to go out. 

The best times for nightlife in Chania start right after the sun sets and last till the very early hours of the morning, as Chania is pretty famous for its nightlife. You can all together enjoy a fine romantic sunset walk in our old town, experience a good cocktail or a nice beer, and then head out to one of our clubs or pubs until early in the morning.

Chania: Where locals go.

If you want to experience a more local- and nontouristy- approach to your nightlife options then there are some specific places in our town that locals specifically choose for many decades. Splantzia Square is a safe option, as there are many “mezedopolia” (small restaurants with “by the side” dishes) that locals always prefer for their night out. The atmosphere is friendly and quiet and the majority of people attending the square, although a minute away from busy touristic areas, are Greek.

Another area with nice dinner options that locals (especially on Saturdays) choose to spend their time on is Chatzimichali Daliani Street, in a close distance from the Splantzia Square mentioned above.

Chania nightlife- Chatzimichali Daliani Street

Chania nightlife- Chatzimichali Daliani Street- Despina Studios  

If you are in the west part of town, and near the Naval Museum of Crete then the Nea Chora area is another place that locals are fond of. Nice traditional beachfront taverns are offering you fresh fish and nightlife in Chania is taking off with regular live music from wanderers or from -in the restaurant- musicians. 

The area of Chalepa is another option where locals go and is usually not that crowded making it an ideal option for our clients that want quiet and privacy on their night out in Chania. 

Chania night out- Chalidon Street to the Venetian Harbor of Chania

Chania night out- Chalidon Street to the Venetian Harbor of Chania

A small hint for going out in Chania town.

Despina Studios Hotel in Chania is situated in Agia Marina, in one of the most touristically advanced and beautiful areas of our town. Having so many tourists, the local bus service now organizes many bus routes from Chania town to Agia Marina and Platanias around the clock. 

That means that you don‘t have to worry about your way back into our studios in Agia Marina as most possibly you will find a bus route suitable for you at all times. You are kindly requested to be informed about the bus and taxi routes for your perfect nightlife in Chania experience!