Vacation in Chania – January Overview

For those who like to have holidays in Greece, January may seem odd at first. However, if you desire to have winter holidays in Chania, our island’s extreme beauty has much to offer!

Mountains, lots of picturesque villages, and friendly locals can offer you a pure Cretan experience.  Excursions and tours can be made in order to explore pure and authentic Crete!

January is the month that most Cretans relax and rest off the busy summer months that have passed. Olive Picking, winemaking, and other agricultural tasks on the fields of Chania are a perfect opportunity for discovering our way of life.

Chilling in one of many small cafes during the afternoon time is a standard, as most locals want to relax by the wood-burning stoves and socialize. This also means a perfect opportunity to blend in with us!

Snow-White Mountains of Crete-Winter in Crete-Winter Holidays and Vacation in Chania
Sfakia -Askifou Area

Fewer tourists mean less traffic and a greater chance of discovering the hidden gems of our island when on holidays in Crete during the winter. Transportation through the island is now easier, and better service is guaranteed due to the businesses that operate in the city center, as well as in the villages of our homeland.

Explore Chania with a Travel Agency expert – Tours in Chania, Crete in January

Our Hotel in Chania also cooperates with a reputable  travel agency! Trust our expertise and our professional historian tour guide to offer you tours and excursions in Chania all year round!Weather you like nature, unique sightseeing tours, a history tour about our island, or want to wander around on Cretan beaches, we got you covered!

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Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete in January is relatively tame, which makes it ideal for most tourists. Contrary to the weather in Northern Greece, the weather in Crete is much tamer. You should expect cold nights (+5°), occasional rain or mist and during night hours, some fog on the mountains of Chania.

Most of the guests of our hotel in Chania don’t have any problems with the climate, as it is far- far better and much more tame than in Europe. Especially If you rent a car, the scenery will surely entice you!

Tourist Traffic

Tourist traffic in Chania, Crete is low in January. But don’t get this wrong! The lack of tourists doesn’t mean anything, as most of our advertising budget is set for the summer holidays advertising.

Accordingly, travel agents put their efforts into the summer, but when you visit Crete during the wintertime there are loads of options: From winter activities like hiking  and road trips to visiting various museums and making a city break in our marvelous Venetian Harbor.

Chania Vacations: Ideal For

Vacations in January are perfect for those who want to explore Crete and make private tours and excursions on our mountains (of which we have plenty!). People who want to explore pure customs, folklore traditions, and tranquil lifestyles can make a perfect vacation in Chania During the Winter!

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Why make Holidays in Crete then?

Because it is out of the box, you will have the opportunity to see a different aspect of Crete, both in climate, the general atmosphere, and how beautiful Crete is during winter. Many sunny days are also guaranteed, which makes swimming in the sea possible even then!

Uknown Trivia

Various events and festive days can be found in Crete in January. Many museums in Chania’s old town make special exhibitions with must-see exhibits and many exceptional sights (such as a unique aquarium in Crete) can be adorned with no stress.

Private tours with tour guides can also be done, to explore Crete to the fullest!


Because January is considered (for most!) a non-touristy season, prices are a bargain! Hotels, car rentals, and various excursions can be found at prices far better than in the summer months, which means that your journey to Crete in January is value for money.

Even plane routes from Athens airport are far cheaper, which makes transportation a breeze! Even if you don’t find a direct flight to Chania, a connecting flight from Athens International Airport may be still cheaper in contrast to the summer months!

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