Discover Real History With a Private WW II History from a Certificated Historian Specializing in the Battle of Crete!

We welcome you to Crete, one of the biggest and most famous islands of Greece and not only size-wise. The island played a vital role in World War II proceedings. Axle and Allied forces fought in Crete in the strain of Nazi Germany to occupy the island best well known as ‘Operation Mercury’.

Chania was at the center of military action, as the airports and vital points were to be conquered. Although not lasting very long, the Battle of Crete is now famous for the heroic resistance of Cretan Partisans as well as the Allied Forces, especially Australian, New Zealander, and British army corps.

Despite the Nazi occupation of the island, the resistance of locals and allies is still famous to this day because of the heavy foe casualties that played a crucial part onwards.

Avid in History? Liking adventure? Discover Primitive War Sites!

Α certified Historian, specializing in Contemporary History (BA-MSc) guides you through untouched, unpreserved, and off-the-beaten path territories of historical significance of the WW II era. Take advantage of the opportunity to see the Allied, as well as the enemy military’s past presence in West Crete.

Guided Tour Includes

• Visit Maleme Airfield and Tavronitis Area, Crucial to the Battle of Crete.
• Visit German War Cemetery and British Commonwealth War Cemetery.
• Visit 2 abandoned German Bunkers/Lookouts in Εast and West part of Chania.
• Visit an abandoned New Zealander War Bunker.
• Picturesque Views and Villages of Chania Mainland Area.

Available all year round (On Request)

Pickup Included

Professional Historian Guide Included

Language: English, German and Greek

Tour Info:

Duration:  Full Day Private Tour 7- 8 HRS

Distance Covered: 100+ Klm