We inform our beloved customers that our reservation system which is visible below is powered by www.booking.com. By doing reservations through our website, www.despinastudios.gr you can manage it with your booking.com account as well as other reservations you did in the past. Also, the confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you not by our hotel, but from booking.com customer service department, so basically there is no difference between our system and booking.com. The important thing is that by this way the commission paid by us to booking.com is lower and we can offer special promotions to our customers, for example free transfer from Chania airport to Despina Studios.

All the reservation rules are identical to booking.com regulations because this booking button is owned and generated by booking.com . If you agree with the above you can claim your room online, and of course if you have any inquiries feel free to contact us using our site’s contact form

Special Offer – Free airport transfer!

*This offer is only valid for reservations being done from our website www.despinastudios.gr, our hotel is using the special system which is powered by booking.com and assures transaction safety. By this way, our commission is lower and we can offer this promotion to our beloved customers*

  1. This offer is only valid for reservations of 6 or more consecutive days.
  2. The offer is valid from 10/4/2019 till 20/10/2019, and for all flights arriving to Chania Airport.
  3. Customers are obliged to inform the hotel via email or fax about their flight plan, at least 3 days before their arrival. There will be someone waiting for you in the airport lobby area holding a “Despina Studios” tag.
  4. All luggage transfer will be free of charge.
  5. If you wish transfer at your departure date from Despina Studios to the airport, the cost will be 30 Euros. Again, customers are obliged to inform the hotel manager about the transfer at least 3 days prior to arrival.