Holidays in Chania – October Overview

Holidays in Chania in October can be a real wonder! With its cool temperatures, sunny days (yes, summer is endless in Crete!) and the beautiful autumn landscape of Cretan countryside tourists that visit our hotel at the beach in Chania tend to love October too!

October is considered a month of average tourist traffic- and for a good reason! This means that tourists that visit Chania, Crete can admire the beauties of our island stress free, and without the fuss of the busiest months like July, and August!

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Chania Lighthouse - holidays in Chania Crete

You may consider holidays in Crete in October as the sun is still shining in Chania, and you will get to  explore more in Crete due to fewer tourist crowds!

Renting a car in Chania is a must while booking an excursion with our sea view hotel can elevate your vacation in October.

Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete in October is cool. This means that temperatures can go up to 20- 25°C during the day and at around 10°C during the night. Guests of our hotel adore the cool breeze of October and the tame temperatures that make them spend hours on the beach or in the sea view balconies of our rooms.

Moreover, the cooler temperatures of October can make outdoor activities a wonderful experience, and staying outside all day is easily possible then. Many of our clients come to our hotel in Agia Marina solely to pass Samaria Gorge, one of the longest gorges in Europe.

Tourist Traffic

Tourist traffic in Chania, Crete in October is present and with lesser traffic compared to the busiest summer months. However, all hotels, restaurants and businesses are wide open and with tourist traffic ready to offer you the best time in Crete!

Strolling Chania’s old town during the night or the day and participating in lots of activities is an excellent way of spending your holidays, as fewer people mean a lot more for you to see (and feel!) while in Greece!

Chania Vacations: Ideal For

Vacations in Chania, Crete, and Greece in October are for the sensible tourist. The weather is cool, there are plenty of things to do in Chania and you will enjoy the peaceful side of Crete where everything is more laid back and relaxed. This ultimately brings added value to your holidays.

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Why make Holidays in Crete then?

Because you will ultimately enjoy the beaches, the beauties of our island and you will save some money on excursions, hotels and air tickets.

Moreover, seeing autumn in Greece will make you feel that our country is not only for summer tourism, but is an ideal place not only for tourism in autumn but in the winter too!

Uknown Trivia

October is the gradual end of the summertime, and this means that locals are now at their fields picking avocados, citrus trees, olives and grapes for winemaking. This is a perfect opportunity to participate in an olive tour, a wine tasting experience and bond with the locals, understanding local culture, tradition and customs.

Caution should be given on the 28th of October. If you happen to be in Chania or Greece in general, this day is considered a national holiday. Parades (civilian and military too!) are being done on this day in order to celebrate the “Ochi Day” / the “No” we said on the Italian axle forces during World War II.  We advise you to watch the parade at all costs!


Prices for holidays in October are a bargain. Usually, hotels and airlines have vacant rooms, which means that usually, they are making offers for your vacation time. Last-minute hotel bookings can also benefit you, offering you a great deal for your vacation time

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